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22    Bradford, B.

22    Ferreira, G.

22    Shaver, R.


21    Grant, R.

18    Kononoff, P. 

15    Combs, D.
15    Jones, L.
12    Shaver, R.
12    Shoemaker, D.
10    Grant
07    Allen
06    Varga
05    Oba
04    Eastridge
03    Allen
00    Eastridge
00    Weiss
97    Firkins
94    Eastridge
92    Weiss
92    Firkins
92    Allen

Fat & Lipids

22    VandeHaar, M.

21    Taysom, K.

19    Ferraretto

17    Hall, M.B.
13    Taysom, D.
13    Weakley, D.
10    Firkins
09    Dann
09    Owens
07    Donkin
06    Firkins
05    Grant
03    Shirley
03    Varga
99    Eastridge
98    Hoover
98    Firkins
98    Grant
97    Weiss
97    Dado
96    Johnson
95    Grant
94    Allen

Minerals and Vitamins

22    Weiss, B.

19    Engstrom

18    Weiss, B. 

17    Beede, D.
17    Erdman, R.
17    Hernandez, L.
15    Weiss, W.
08    Grunberg
08    Weiss
06    Hall
06    Weiss
05    Beede
05    Weiss
04    Kincaid
01    Beede
00    Block
99    Beede
99    Seymore
97    Donkin
96    Munson
95    Beede
94    Weiss
93    Hemkin
93    Eastridge
93    Johnson

93    Mancl
93    Scot


23    Hernandez, L.

23    Grunberg, W.

21    Bradford, B.

21    Neves, R.

19    Enger

19    Diaz

18    Ruegg, P.

18    Baumgard, L.H.

16    Barbano, D.    

16    Grooms, D.    
15    Bauman, D.    


15    Midla, L.    
14    Plaizier, J.    
13    Garry, F.    
13    Oetzel, G.    
12    Bradford, B.    
11    Townsend    
10    Shearer
09    Beauchemin    
09    Wolfenson    
08    Goff    
08    Santos    
07    Bucholtz    
07    Epperson    
06    Wiltbank    


05    Epperson    
05    Shearer
04    Alekish    
04    Grooms
03    Duffield
02    Overton
02    Midla
01    Grooms
00    Burton
00    Hoblet
99    Kenyon
99    Pate
99    Byers
98    Linn
98    Miller
97    Spears
97    Herdt
97    Goff
97    Masterson
97    Drackley
97    Beede
96    Allen
96    Dyk/Emery
96    Greenough
96    Barton
95    Nocek
94    Oetzel
93    Davis
93    Hoblet
93    Grummer

Effects of Feeding Synthetic Zeolite A and Negative Dietary Cation-Anion Difference Diets Prepartum on Mineral Metabolism of Multiparous Holstein Cows

Phosphorus Balance in Transition Dairy Cows: What We Know and What We Don't

Minimizing Inflammation in Transition Cows

Impact of Subclinical Hypocalcemia on Dairy Cattle

Contemplating the Energetic Consequences of Bovine Mastitis

Prevention, Assessment, and Mitigation of Mycotoxicosis in Dairy Cattle

Emerging Issue: The Changing Nature of Mastitis and Mastitis Treatments 

Energy Cost of Inflammation in Dairy Cows

Prediction of Blood Non-Esterified Fatty Acid and Fatty Acid Analysis of Individual Cow Milk Samples
Effects of the New Veterinary Feed Directive on Dairy Feeding Programs
An Updated Meta-Analysis of Bovine Somatotropin: Effects on Health and Welfare of Dairy Cows
Using Decision Tree Analysis to Make Herd Management Decisions
Minimizing the Risk for Rumen Acidosis
Why Cows Die on Dairy Farms
Minimizing Hypocalcemia During Early Lactation

Nutrition and Immunity
Cowside Tests for Monitoring Metabolic Disease
Nutritional and Animal Welfare Implications to Lameness
New Developments in Understanding Ruminal Acidosis in Dairy Cows
Impact of Heat Stress on Production and Fertility of Dairy Cows
Transition Cow Immune Function and Interaction with Metabolic Diseases
Nutrition and Reproduction in Dairy Cattle
Use of Urea Nitrogen in Herd Management
Copper Sulfate for Footbaths - Issues and Alternatives 

Positive and Negative Effects of High Energy Consumption on Reproduction in Lactating Dairy Cows
Risk Factors for Metabolic Disease
Nutrition and Claw Health

Progress in understanding of hemorrhagic bowel syndrome
Johne's disease: A brief overview 

Minimizing subclinical metabolic diseases
Prescription rations for pre-and post- fresh cows
Jejunal hemorrhage syndrome

Feed borne pathogens of cattle
How nutrients affect the immune system
Effect of nutrition on hoof health

Biosecurity - role of feed salesperson/nutritionist
Effects of energy balance on ovarian fuction
Preventing metabolic diseases

Practical considerations for monitoring milk urea nitrogen
Prevention of udder edema in dairy cows

Relationship between nutrition and immune response
Interpreting blood analyses
Strategies for preventing milk fever in dairy cows
Ohio's experience with using calcium gels
Minimizing ketosis in high producing dairy cows
The beginning is the most important part of the job
Prevention and detectation of ruminal acidosis in dairy cattle
Incidence of metabolic diseases during the transition period
Minimizing laminitis on dairy farms
Determining if reproduction is affected by a nutrient imbalance
Energy balance - rumen acidosis
Minimizing postpartum metabolic problems
Professional teamwork for effective herd health programs
Nutrition and reproduction

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