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Milk Composition
Dry Cows
Dry Cows

14    Waldron, M.    
07    Drackley    
04    Grummer    
99    VandeHarr/Donkin

99    Oldick     
93    Emery    
92    Johnson


Early Lactating Cows

18    Wiltbank, 


16    Relling, A.    
15    Chebel, R.    
13    Nydam, D.    
13    Schoonmaker, J.   11    Drackley    
11    Overton    
11    Von Keyserling
08    Allen    
93    Palmquist    
92    Eastridge    

Calves and Heifers
Calves and Heifers
Early Lactating Cows

21    Yohe, T.

19    Creutzinger

18    Vermeire, D. 


17    James, R.    
17    Quigley, J.    

15    Nennich, T.    
14    Ballou, M.    
14    Daniels, K.    
12    Weber Nielsen, M.  

11    Godden

11    Kertz    
10    Bach    
10    Daniels
08    Hoffman    
08    James    
08    Shoemaker    
07    Fox    
05    Johnson    
04    VanderHaar    
04    Quigley        
03    Drackley    
02    Lammers    
01    Van Amburgh    
01    Eicher        
00    Hoffman    
98    VandeHaar    
96    Quigley        
96    Morrill        
93    Bucholtz    
93    Willett


Recent Research on Rumen Development in Dairy Calves

Designing the Group Maternity Pen: Insights from the Cow's Perspective

How to Achieve the Dairy Calf and Heifer Association's Gold Standard for Calves - Your Guide for Success

Group Housing Systems for Calves, Facilities, Equipment, Protocols, and Personnel
Modeling the Effects of Liquid Intake and Weaning on Digestibility of Nutrients in Pre- and Post-Weaning Dairy Calves
New Insights on Feeding Post-Weaned Dairy Heifers
Nutrition and Immunity of Pre-Weaned Dairy Calves
What Do We Know About Rumen Development?
Management Tips for Calves Fed with Automated Milk Feeders
Pasteurized Milk and Colostrum Feeding Systems: Capturing the Benefits and Avoiding the Pitfalls
Changes in Feeding Dairy Calves and Heifers During the Past 20 Years and Looking Ahead

Raising Dairy Replacements Objectively: The Value of Data-Based On-Farm Decisions
Dairy Heifer Mammary Development
The Potential to Limit Feed Dairy Replacement Heifers
 Current Issues with Feeding Pre-weaned Heifers
Factors Associated with Acute Bloat Syndrome in Pre-Weaned Dairy Heifers
The 5 C's of Calf Raising

Water Quality for Calves
How fast should heifers grow?
Dietary approaches to keeping calves healthy

Nutritional strategies to promote calf health during liquid feeding period
Optimal protein and energy levels for heifers
Accelerated growth of heifers
Nutritional intervention during transportation of heifers

Feeding heifers to meet environment challenges 
How to achieve accelerated heifer growth

Management of the neonatal calf
Rations for heifers
Feeding for proper growth and age at first calving
Care and feeding of newborn's and calves


21    Randall, J.


21    Weiss, B.

18    Vandehaar, M.


18    Weimer, P. 

17    Britt, J.
17    Schaefer, D.    
16    Stephenson, M.
16    St-Pierre, N.    
15    Griswold, K.    


15    O'Rourke, M.    
15    Sellers, R.    
14    Eastridge, M.    
14    McGuffey, K.    
14    Proudfoot, K.    
14    Sommer, C.    


13    Kinsel, M.    
13    Patton, R.    
12    Beede, D.    
12    Nocek, J.    
12    Sellers, R.    
12    Sipiorski, G.    
11    Allen    
11    Botheras    
11    Schutz    
10    Croney    
09    Bewley    
09    Hartnell
09    Schutz    
09    St-Pierre    
07    Etherton    
07    Fry    
07    Wolf    
06    Eicher    
03    Reynolds    
03    Galligan    
02    West    
02    Smith    
01    Eastridge    
01    Spain    
01    Menke    
01    Donkin    
01    San Emeterio    
01    Goodson    
00    Brouk    
00    Clark    
00    Nelson    
00  Anguilm/Rasmussen  00    Davis    
00    Spain    
00    Undersander    
99    Shearer        
98    St-Pierre    
98    Kenyon        
98    Chester-Jones    
97    Eastridge    
97    Ruegg        
97    Kohn        
96    Morrow-Tisch    
94    Hancock    
94    Fotgey        
94    Hartnell        
94    Thomas        
92    Sniffen        
92    Albright    


Survivorship, Shocks, and Feed Risk Management: Pre-, Peri-, and Post-(insert Black Swan event here)

Short Review of 30 Years of Advances in Dairy Cattle Nutrition

Nutrient Digestibility for High-Producing Dairy Cows: How Much Milk Can You Get From A Ration?

The Resilience of the Rumen Microbial Populations

Dairy Farming in the Midwest and USA in 2067
Feeding and Management of Dairy Steers
Changing Demand for Dairy Products and How This May Affect Dairy Production to the U.S.
Don't Drive Into Smoke: Evaluating Data
Current Knowledge of the Ruminal Fermentation System and What Can We Expect to Learn in the Future
Labor Management on Dairy Farms: The Interface Between the Employer and Employee
Update to the Food Safety Modernization Act
Variation in Milk Yield Within Dairy Herds

Progress on the 8th Edition of the Nutrient Requirements of Dairy Cattle

Maternity Pen Design and Management From the Cow's Perspective

Global Dairy Developments - An Overview on Milk Prices and Milk Production Costs World Wide
Use of Mobile Device Technology in Dairy Data Management
Models for Estimating Duodenal Amino Acid Flow and Total Tract Starch Digestibility    
What Can We Do About Water Quality?
Managing a Profitable Dairy Farm
Food Modernization Act- What it Means to the Feed and Livestock Industries
Today's Business World: Volatility, Uncertainty, and Opportunity
Mind Over Models
Animal Welfare Issues - Locally and Nationally
Changes in Standards for Milk Quality and How They Will Affect Your Clients
Animal Welfare, Ethics, and the U.S. Dairy Industry: Maintaining a Social License to Operate
Potential of Using New Technology for Estimating Body Condition Scores
Genetically Modified Plants as Animal Feed
Implications of Changes in Core Body Temperature
Economic Value of Corn Silage
The Future of Biotechnology in the Barnyard
Feeding Herds Certified for Organic Milk Production
Changes in the Tri-State Dairy Industry

Why Should I Know About Animal Welfare Audits
Nutritional considerations for Jersey cows
Managing feed cost during low milk prices

Physiological effects of heat stress on production and reproduction
Effects of facilities on dairy cattle performance

Nutrition of dairy goats
100-day contract with the dairy cow; 30d prepartum to 100d postpartum
Making the transition from ration formulation to farm nutrient balancing
Feeding genetically modified crops to dairy cattle
Communicating in a multicultural dairy business environment
Am I on board with the rapid changes

Environmental factors affecting feed intake of cows
Using production records to determine the impact of nutritional changes
How low vs. high milk prices affects feeding recommendations
What we expect from a dairy nutritionist
What's unique about working with large herds
The 100d contract: 30d prepartum to 70d postpartum
Contracting forages

Managing during heart stress
Formulating rations based on changes in markets
Experience with teams on dairy farms
Now there's dairy steers on the farm: what do you feed them

Resources and information available via e-mail and internet
Normal variation in farm data
The use of mechanistic models to evaluate dairy rations
Animal well-being and environmental enrichment
Pasture systems
Bst: industry perspective
Bst: field trial observations
Future advances in dairy nutrition
Management and behavior of high producing cows

University Research Updates
University Research Updates

93, 94

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