2022 Balchem Mini-Symposium
Monday, April 11, 2022
Grand Wayne Center

Theme: Exploring In Utero Influences on Transgenerational Performance

1:00 - 5:30 pm (Harrison CD)

6:00 pm Dinner Provided for Attendees

1:00-1:05  Mr. Scott Sorrell, Balchem Corporation, Welcome

1:05-1:45  Dr. Jack Britt, Jack H Britt Consulting: Epigenetics Will Change How We Manage Cattle

1:45-2:20 Dr. Jimena LaPorta, University of Wisconsin‐Madison: Phenotypic and Molecular Signatures of

2:20-3:00 Dr. Eric Ciappio, Balchem Corporation, The Growing Importance of Choline in Prenatal Human

3:00-3:45 Dr. Pete Hansen, University of Florida: Methyl Donors and Epigenetic Regulation of the Early Embryo

4:45-4:15 Dr. Clay Zimmerman, Balchem Corporation: Prenatal Choline Supplementation’s Role in Calf

4:30-5:30 Real Science Exchange - Speaker Panel